NEW RecordNow Music Lab 10 Premier, the best upgrade yet!

  • Expand your digital music collection with songs from almost anywhere - internet, CD, DVD, LP, tape or home media server*
  • Rip your entire CD collection fast using multiple drives
  • Backup your favorite audio from iPod to your PC*
  • Tag and organize your songs automatically by title, artist and album, and rating so you can always find the songs you want
  • Easily transfer music from your PC to mobile phone

Check out more of the new features below.

Collect Music

  • Rip from one or more CDs at the same time. Automatically identify songs and tag with title, album, artist and track number. Skip tracks that have already been ripped.
  • Rip music from unprotected DVD-Video. Convert your favorite concert DVDs or instructional DVDs to MP3 our audio CD
  • Backup music from your iPod to your hard disk even if your iPod is not paired with the PC.
  • Capture internet radio, podcasts and news with the click of a desktop button.
  • Collect music from your hard disk or network into logical and easy to find albums
  • Capture music from LPs and tapes and convert to audio file, audio CD or portable player