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Why is Roxio PC Game Capture not recording?

Roxio PC Game Capture should work correctly with all modern 3D games. If you're having difficulties recording a game, please try these steps:

  1. If you're on Windows Vista or 7, right-click the Roxio PC Game Capture program (not the shortcut) and select Run as Administrator to launch the client.
  2. Disable any game accelerator programs.
  3. Close as many unnecessary programs as possible.
  4. If all else fails, please launch the game first, then alt-tab out and start Roxio PC Game Capture.



My game closes when I change resolutions.

This is a known issue. Please change resolutions before starting Roxio PC Game Capture. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Recording with Roxio PC Game Capture slows down my game.

Due to the amount of CPU and GPU power required to record gaming videos in real-time, you may experience slowdowns depending on your computer specs. However, there are several things you can try to prevent slowdowns:

  1. Turn off any unnecessary programs, particularly those with high system resource requirements.
  2. Run a virus scan to make sure you don't have any viruses or spyware consuming system resources.
  3. Use the lowest recording resolution possible.
  4. In the game itself try the following:
    • Lower or turn off in-game post-processing settings such as shading, water, or shadow effects.
    • Lower or turn off anti-aliasing.
    • Lower the in-game resolution.




"FourCC" error while recording my game.

The "FourCC" error has two potential causes.

  1. Starting an outside audio source during recording, such as a music or voice communication program.
  2. Recording a video that runs over 19 minutes.

Please avoid doing either of these things if you wish to avoid the FourCC error. Please note that your video that experienced the error is still available in your Roxio PC Game Capture Videos folder. (Default location: C:\My Documents\My Roxio PC Game Capture Videos\)



My captured videos come out black.

The issue is most likely caused by not having the proper codec. Our videos are recorded using the Motion JPEG Codec, a part of the free K-Lite Codec Pack. Try downloading and installing this codec and playing your videos again.

If your videos are still black, please follow our logging instructions.



My videos come out in strange colors.

This issue is most likely happening because you're playing your game in 16-bit color depth. Switching your game to the highest-possible color depth should fix this problem, a setting which can be found in the in-game graphics settings.



My videos are corrupt or cannot be played.

This problem is usually caused by one of the following situations:

  1. The game crashed while you were recording.
  2. You quit the game while you were recording.

Make sure that you manually start and stop the recording process. If you fail to do this, you risk corrupting your videos.



"COM Surrogate" error when opening my captured videos.

This issue is caused by Windows Vista and 7 having difficulties generating thumbnail images for your videos. The problem can be avoided by changing your view from "Thumbnails" to "Details." A more permanent solution is to re-install the Motion Jpeg codec, which can be found for free online as a part of the K-Lite Codec Pack.



My captured videos folder crashes upon opening or selecting a file.

The issue is most likely caused by not having the proper codec. Our videos are encoded using the Motion JPEG codec, a part of the K-Lite Codec Pack. Please try downloading and installing this codec and playing the videos again



I don't have sound in my videos.

The Roxio PC Game Capture client records sound from your sound card's "Stereo Mix" Device. There are several reasons that your videos would not have sound:

  • Your sound card does not have a Stereo Mix or equivalent (Sometimes called "What U Hear") device. This is controlled by your sound card drivers. Many times the device will be added by updating your sound card drivers, which can be found for free on your sound card manufacturer's website.
  • Your stereo mix is not outputting any sound. The Roxio PC Game Capture client should set Stereo Mix to the default output, but if it doesn't you can manually enable it in your sound device's control panel.



My Stereo Mix device is enabled but I'm still not getting sound.

There are three possible causes if your Stereo Mix device is activated.

  1. If you are using a non-english version of Windows, you will need to determine the name of your "Stereo Mix" or "What U Hear" device, which will generally be a translation of one of these names into the Windows language. To do this:

    • Go to ("USER" is your Windows login name):
      • Windows Vista/7: C:\ Users\"USER"\AppData\local\WeGame\logs
      • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\"USER"\Application Data\ WeGame\logs
    • Open "RoxioPCGameCapture.ini" in the Windows Notepad application.
    • Add the line AudioDevice="DEVICENAMEHERE" replacing DEVICENAME here with the name of the device from Step 1 - leave the quotation marks.

  2. If you are you using a USB microphone, headset, or speaker system, Roxio PC Game Capture is not compatible with all USB audio devices. Please disable these devices if you wish to record sound with Roxio PC Game Capture.

  3. If you are you using a voice communication program such as Ventrilo or TeamSpeak, these type of programs override Roxio PC Game Capture's sound recording input. Please disable them if you want to record sound with Roxio PC Game Capture.



My sound is out of sync/distorted.

In our tests we have noticed that certain computers' Stereo Mix devices consistently have sync or distortion issues. Roxio PC Game Capture records exactly what it receives from the computer's Stereo Mix devices. If the computer's audio stream is lagging or corrupt, Roxio PC Game Capture cannot correct it. However, the stream can frequently be corrected by:

  • Updating your sound card drivers.
  • Closing all unnecessary programs before attempting to record.



How do I generate logs from the Roxio PC Game Capture client?

Logs are may be required to resolve new issues in the Roxio PC Game Capture client. Please follow these steps in order to generate logs to Roxio Customer Care.

  1. Find the wegame.exe in C:\Program Files\Roxio\PC Game Capture\WeGame\ and create a shortcut for it.
  2. Right click on the shortcut and go to Properties.
  3. Add “ --debug” without the quotation marks at the end of the Target box. (There is a space before --debug. Without that space, it wouldn’t let you save) and Apply properties.
  4. Launch Roxio PC Game Capture and the game you wish to record. Play the game while recording until you run into the bug you're attempting to log.
  5. Find the logs in ("USER" is your Windows user name):
    • Windows Vista/7: C:\Users\"USER"\AppData\local\Roxio PC Game Capture\logs
    • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\"USER"\Application Data\Roxio PC Game Capture\Logs

  6. Send the .log files in this folder to Roxio Customer Care with a short description of the bug you're encountering.