Roxio Consumer 3D Survey Results

In March 2010, Roxio conducted a 3D survey. The web-based survey asked a series of questions to measure consumer interest in 3D for home entertainment and personal media enjoyment. The web-based survey collected responses from almost 2000 U.S. residents.

Roxio's 3D survey revealed a significant amount of consumer interest in not only watching 3D entertainment in the home, but also capturing and enjoying personal photos and home movies in 3D.

Of those polled, 84 percent indicated they are interested in viewing Hollywood 3D movies in the home.

3D Home Entertainment Findings

The Roxio 3D survey revealed some of the movies, popular TV shows and key sporting events that consumers would be most interested in viewing in 3D.

Which of these award-winning movies consumers would you be most interested in viewing in 3D Which of these popular TV shows would you be most interested in viewing in 3D Which of these sporting events would you be most interested in viewing in 3D

3D Personal Media Findings

The survey revealed a good deal of interest in capturing and viewing personal events in 3D with almost 80 percent of respondents indicating they believe they will be taking 3D video or capturing 3D photos of family events within the next five years.

Which of the following activities would you be most interested in capturing in 3D Would you be interested in converting some of your existing personal home movies/videos so you could watch them in 3D Would you buy a 3D digital camera

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