Inroducing Roxio CinePlayer 3D

Delivering the Ultimate Home 3D Entertainment Experience

Roxio CinePlayer 3D enables you to enrich the home PC or notebook experience with the best in high-definition and 3D entertainment playback. Roxio's latest multi-media player supports the playback of a wide range of 3D video file formats, as well as Blu-ray 3D titles and 3D DVDs. Once available, Roxio CinePlayer will even support the playback of 3D movie downloads from online service providers powered by RoxioNow. In addition to supporting the playback of commercial 3D entertainment, Roxio CinePlayer enables the conversion of standard 2D such as DVDs and personal home movies into 3D.

Exceptional 3D Premium Entertainment

Roxio CinePlayer 3D delivers the power of 3D cinema to the PC. Eye-popping, realistic 3D entertainment made easy with support for a complete array of hardware configurations including a range of graphics cards and display technologies. The player supports passive polarized and active shutter technologies and is compatible with emerging TV formats.

Supports Interactive Blu-ray, BDLive and RealD

Supports the playback of true-3D content in a wide range of video file formats including the RealD format. Roxio CinePlayer also support Blu-ray 3D and offers native support for interactive features and next-generation movie navigation. View bonus content and access online content and games. Download trailers, upload videos and more.

Rich High-Def home theater audio

Power the magic of movie theater surround sound right in your living room. Supports Dolby Digital, DTS Digital Surround, HDMI, DVI, S/PDIF

Personal Digital Media in 3D

Automatically converts standard 2D content, including personal home movies and DVDs, into brilliant 3D.

Stunning HD video quality

Spectacular PC video playback, with support for HD video formats: AVCHD, MPEG-4 AVC (H.264), and VC-1

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